Stadtfest Bruneck

Holy maccheroni would you look at these hot photos of Stadtfest Bruneck 2023! We gladly took the headlining spot our boys over at ARCI ‘Diverkstatt’ offered us and took the spotlight as it was meant to be. As the music pumped, we may have let the show run a bit longer – sorry, Bruneck, that’s the way it goes! Special applause to Elch Events for weaving their magic with seamless sound and an awe-inspiring light show. The rain gods smiled upon us, waiting until the last note before starting the water show…
But wait, there’s more! Amidst the groove, we introduced two stand-in stars: Blowrian the trombone maestro, and Leo the piano virtuoso. Despite being first-timers with us, they embraced the funk like seasoned pros, adding an unexpected yet familiar flair.
So here’s to nights that make history, to music that refuses to stand still, and to each one of you who made Stadtfest Bruneck an unforgettable chapter in our funky adventure.

  • Location : Oberstadt, Bruneck
  • Show-Date : 07.07.2023
  • Venue : Stadtfest Bruneck, Uptown Stage
  • Pictures by : Ivan Bortondello
  • Organized by : Stand ARCI Diverkstatt