10. August 2024
Hoppebräu Zapferei, Waakirchen
Venue: Hoppebräu Zapferei
Address: Tölzer Straße 37
Zipcode: 83666
State: Bayern
Country: DE

Markus Hoppe, the mastermind behind Hoppebräu, shares a deep friendship with Ema and Michi, united by one common passion – brewing beer.

While Michi and Ema have dabbled in homebrewing down in the basement between the washing machine and dryer, Markus took it to a whole new level, founding an impressive brewery.

Their paths crossed during a beer tasting event at Schloss Maretsch in Bozen, where ideas flowed as freely as the beer. Markus had been planning a cool street festival last year and wanted Blackout on board. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it happen then, but this year, we’re making it a reality!

Get ready for an incredible event featuring amazing musicians, great friends, and of course, exceptional beer. We can’t wait! Stay tuned for more details coming soon!