Sprechenstein, Sterzing
Venue: Funk The Castle
Address: Sprechenstein 1
Zipcode: 39040
State: BZ
Country: IT
Phone: +39 351 888 70 86

This one’s a good one. Imagine this:

A large castle door opens at 18:00 and you wander inside. Before you lies a huge inner courtyard where you can sit down and enjoy the sun. You close your eyes. What’s that? You smell someone bbqing some juicy Wipptalrind. Your friends bring you a drink, Saxessful is on stage, setting the mood for the night. You enjoy the evening breeze, you are happy.

It’s getting darker. What’s going on? The stage is clearing, you grab a beer. Oh. My. God. Eleven studs get on stage. It’s Blackout, the funk band you heard so much about. The disco rigs are switched on and the whole castle lights up in funky colours. You dance to the sound of sweet, sweet funky music. After two hours you are exhausted, but even happier than before. The band leaves the stage and a DJ starts putting up some chill vibes.

You sit on the grass and chat with other beautiful people you have just known. Time flies, what a day! You get into the shuttle and get back down to Wiesen. You go to bed, a teardrop runs do.